A Local Social Network

Discover & Share local content
with those around you.

Your Local Area

Interact exclusively with your community. Making every town, city, and village their own, by the people actually living there.

Create & See Profiles

Discover local users, create a presence within your community, and see legitamized content.

Find New Locations

Everyone location is viewable, but only people physically there can post. Giving you a real look at what people are saying.

Up-Vote What's Best

Content get's filtered through our voting system. So you'll always see the best posts.

Share With Your Area

The audience on Prairy isn't just people who follow you or your friend list, it's every Prairy user in your local area.

Get an Instant Feed

Once our app is open you'll instantly see what people are saying around you.

Interact with those around you

Many people struggle to grow a presence online. With Prairy, there is no need for finding friends or people to follow, so any post created will be sent out to every user in that area. Allowing for everyday people and organizations to instantly share information with their neighborhood.

  • No need for finding peole to follow.
  • Share with thousands of people, instantly.
  • Profiles legitamize content you see.
  • Get a live feed of any location.
  • Community decides what's best through up-votes and down-votes.
  • Trending locations get featured on our discovery page.

Search & Discover what's going on around the world

Social media lacks local discover features. There is currently no way to discover popular content in your area, local trends, new accounts, or the ability to share something directly to your local community. Prairy provides an instant feed of posts from other people in the area. Using GPS and geo- fence technology we can create a "local Twitter" vibe. When you post something on Prairy the audience isn't just your friends and family who follow you, it is everyone in the local community.

You can search and instantly learn about other locations from the people that are there themselves, in real-time.

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Experience the Demo

See how the app works, provide feedback, and get a first look by using a clickable demo made by our friends over at InVision.

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Request Early Access

If you want to skip the waitlist and be apart of the closed Beta get in contact with us! Just expect there to be a few bugs..

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We're Hiring

Looking for back-end developers and brand ambassadors. Must be located in the city of Chicago.

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